Twisted50 - Volume 2

The next volume of Twisted50 is out now. 

You can buy it HERE


My Africa VR.

Watch the award winning short film. Best 360/VR storytelling award at Jackson Hole.

An incredible little short about the Samburu people living along side the animals.

Check out our fabulous trailer.

Credited as production manager

The Serengeti Rules.

See the trailer here for the extraordinary, award winning documentary feature film, "The Serengeti Rules". 

Credited as production coordinator.

Secret Diaries of a Teenage...Bisexual.

Book 2 in the Secret Diaries series is in development. 

My debut novel

First in the Secret Diaries series. Buy it HERE.

The teenaged Isabel loses her virginity to her boyfriend. Excited, she tells her best friend, who turns on her and Isabel finds herself the victim of slut shaming. Dumped by her boyfriend, because he can’t handle the hassle of going out with her, Isabel vows never to let anyone hurt her again. She embarks on a journey of sexual exploration, masturbation and self-indulgence. 


Contains strong language and sexual descriptions.

Create50 with The London Screenwriters's Festival

Twisted has a little sister and she is utterly deranged. My 2nd book with the pool of talented writers from Create50. Buy it HERE

Create50 continue to create great projects, and not just horror, take a look HERE  and get writing! You could be the next BEST SELLER. 

Create50 with The London Screenwriters's Festival

50 Contemporary horror stories - an incredible project putting together 50 of the coolest new talent in horror today. It is Twisted for sure. Buy it HERE

For all the Wild Women...

I made this little film because I had to exorcise a vision I had...

At the time I made it (around 2014) I considered it to be complete; I had created what I needed to create, with the resources I had, during that time.

Digging it out in 2019, I cringe at the voice over and music! So, it is not quite complete for me now. With time and more resources available to me now,  I will eventually revisit it. 

For now, I like to watch it with the sound muted, and enjoy the sense of freedom.


Straights Must Do It Missionary Style, But The Rest Can Fuck.

Essay presented on the Porn Panel, Lavender Languages and Linguistics Conference 2014. American University, Washington DC.  Website here

TV/Film productions

See all TV/film productions listed HERE on the IMDB website.