About me...

Perfectionism holds you back.

I am a life long fan of Madonna, I grew up with her, I grow old with her. Her courage rocks. My favourite quote of all time is hers, "Express yourself, don't repress yourself". Human Nature. 


I love Dr Frank n Furter. I love the colour red. I love gender bending. I love masculinity and I love femininity. I love most things Gothic. I love art, of all disciplines. I love creativity and expression. I love unapologetic artists and individuals, I love Amanda Palmer for this reason. I love Madonna for this reason. I love Robbie Williams and his hairy body. I love innovation. I love architecture. I love London. I love cities. I love clever people. I love academia. I am learning to love me. Not in the arrogant, narcissistic sense, but in the good, healthy self esteem and appreciation sense. I am learning to be bold with my art and bold with myself. My vulnerabilities are also my strengths, and I use my strengths in my writing, to question and expose the world around me. 



This is my page to showcase my career, my projects, my art and my page to blog about stuff. Stuff which inspires me and helps me to be me, and you to be you, unapologetically.