Talks on Female Sexuality.

An Evening with Cristina Palmer Romero. Author talks about female sexuality, slut shaming, female masturbation and the creation of the patriarchy. Tuesday 20th June at 6.30pm, London. See HERE for venue and more details.

Documentary in development...


Slut! (working title) is a documentary; in conversation with the world’s most revered and renowned sexuality advocates, academics, thought leaders and YOU.

We promise to open up the lid on the most benign of behaviours which seek to control sexuality and we will show you a new paradigm, a new way forward.




We are all different. Yet surprisingly similar. And yet, the human experience seeks to control our femininity and our masculinity, and consequently, our sexuality. 


On the slate...

A short film, on cultural attitudes to menstruation.

Co writing a feature film - why some mothers allow abuse to happen under their roof.